• So there I was.  I found out there was an English language comedy night at The Hub in Eindhoven last Wednesday featuring professional comics from the US, UK, and Europe.  The Hub is a kind of gathering spot for expats.  There are a lot of us because of the presence of ASML and the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven.  So The Hub provides things like live music jams and Dutch conversation hours and other meetups for people new to the Netherlands and Eindhoven in specific.

    I wanted to go see some live comedy.  So I got Bob and Dutch Whisperer Annet to go with me.  If nothing else, I thought I’d find out about the local comedy scene.

    At the door, we were greeted by Joe who handed us flyers promoting English comedy for corporate events and rattled on about hiring his team of comics to perform for our business.

    We grabbed seats.  But then I had a thought.  If anyone would know where the English-language comedy open mic nights are in Eindhoven, it would be Joe, right?

    So I got up and went back to the door and asked Joe.  Turns out Joe is from Amsterdam and has no clue about the local comedy scene.  Then a rep of The Hub told me about their English-language improv troupe that meets on Tuesdays.  Good to know.

    Then Joe says, kinda surreptitiously, “Come in January and I’ll give you five minutes.”

    “Okay,” I say.  I figure the monthly English-language comedy show in January is going to be all amateurs, so I can do five minutes in that show.

    The night went on and we watched two New Yorkers (the second one a woman who completely slayed everyone), a German, and a Canadian (with whom we participated by being the token dumb Americans) deliver some high-level comedy.  It was a really great night.  The comedians were names that I’d heard before, maybe seen do a set on TV.  One or two had been on Leno.  Real quality stuff.  The show was supposed to be two comics, but the New Yorkers just happened to be in Amsterdam that week, so Joe brought them along for the show.  And it was worth it.

    So at the end of the show, we go back to the car, and I’m looking at the list of upcoming shows.  It says:  “Wed, Jan 23 – Daniel Muggleton (Australia), Stefano Paulini (Italy)”


    Do you see what I see, kids?  Or rather, what I don’t see?  I don’t see, “Get up on stage and try out your act?”  I don’t see “Amateur comedy night at The Hub”.  

    I see two names of two comics.  Is this the same Daniel Muggleton who played the Edinburgh Fringe Festival?  

    Yeah.  It kinda definitely is.

    So where is the call out to amateurs to try out their acts.


    JAYSUS!  Did this man I just met make me the opening act for a professional comedy show?!?  Am I doing my five minutes with real live paid comedians?!?!?!


    I mean, I want to get on stage and do comedy.  But I kinda thought I would get up there with other newbies and take it slow and learn the ropes and… and… and…

    *breathe*  *breathe*  *breathe*

    So over the next four weeks, as I sit here with my broken pitbull, Shmi, who is recovering from ACL surgery, I will be writing and refining my comedy routine.  You can see a bit of what I’ve done in the past in the video section on this site.  I’ll be rewriting and crafting the jokes in my comedy notebook into a tight five minutes suitable for an international audience.

    Oh my god, guys!  Guys!  Oh my GOD!!!





    Stay tuned!

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    Hey lady, doing a marathon read and catch up session. You're gonna be awesome. I already told Bob I want a recording! You're amazing, you kick ass, and I miss you guys!


    Hey sweetheart! Thanks for posting. And thank you for the encouragement. There will definitely be recordings. And video. Stay tuned! You can also follow me on YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/user/kassistwisted/ All the videos will be posted there as well as here on the blog.