• I may sometimes seem obsessed with stamina. But when you have a chronic disease one of the symptoms of which is a lack of stamina, it does rather matter a lot in your daily life. In contemplating doing the 4 Daagse next year in Nijmegen (4 days walking 50km each day), my concern isn’t if I can do it. My concern is will my UC decide that that’s a perfect time to pull the plug on my stamina. It’s a concern. And it’s largely something I can’t control. No amount of exercise or eating right or vitamin gorging changes the fact that I have a digestive disorder that sometimes just pull the plug on my energy levels without warning or remorse.

    However, there’s no point in worrying about things that might not happen. So I continue to train. I do admit to a great deal of frustration over the past two weeks. Almost as soon as we decided to prepare for next year’s Nijmegen Marches, Bob hurt his leg and couldn’t walk with me. Then I spent a week at language immersion classes where there was no time to go for a walk longer than 30 mins. And the following week, we had record temps breaking the 100F mark. So not much walking happened.

    This week, I’m back at it. The weather has been lovely and I’ve been walking in the mornings and evenings, totaling around 9km every day. Hopefully we’ll get out to do a 10K walk on one of the local hiking trails this Saturday.

    I am frustrated because after weeks of walking, I just don’t feel any better. I don’t think my stamina is improving at all. But every time I say this, Bob reminds me that there was a time when I would have to take a nap after a 20 minute walk and I would be good for nothing for the rest of the day. Now I’m spending the better part of two hours every day walking. Bob insists that my increased stamina is exactly what allows me to walk for two hours now (and get fidgety and annoying when weather or circumstances prevent me from walking). I still feel like I’m pushing through molasses. But at least I’m not injured.

    So on I go. In August, I’d like to add a third walk to my days, taking my daily total up to 15km (about 10 miles or how much the average mail carrier walks in a day), weather allowing.

    I’m not one for lycra and sports-branded clothing, so my tailor made me some fabulous new walking kit. I can’t wait to get out and wear it.

    wool gabardine jodhpurs from RH1014
    natural linen knickerbockers from RH1035