• First, my long-awaited Comedy gig last week in Eindhoven!

    Also I’d like to thank you guys for being supportive when I was whining my ass off on Tuesday. Everyone is allowed to have an off day and that was mine. As I mentioned, I was feeling “the party’s over blues” because I’d done my stand-up set last week. Plus I ran out of B-12 and was feeling terribly run down. And I spent most of Sunday night on various trains trying to get back home after a signal failure cancelled our usual train.

    But today I write to you having successfully opened a Dutch bank account, paid my utilities bills, and paid my rent. I am well rested and feeling good again. YAY!

    I’ve also really kicked myself in the butt fitness-wise. I’m a little horrified by how large I appear on the video above. I feel quite literally weighed down by all the extra weight I’m carrying around. People with chronic diseases that manifest themselves in low stamina should not do anything to further decrease their stamina, right? So I am doing things about that.

    I started working out with a personal trainer in the beginning of January. But this week, I met with his partner, a nutritionist, and she made me an eating plan to help me lose weight and also get the most energy out of my food.

    When I saw the eating plan, I have to admit I was not impressed. It wasn’t radical. It was just kinda normal. There was nothing I was not allowed to eat. There were no big restrictions. I thought, “I’m not going to lose weight doing this. I already eat fairly healthfully.”

    And then I entered my daily intake into an online food diary app. Oh boy!

    First of all, despite the fact that I don’t eat anything with added sugar and I avoid bread, I am WAY over on my daily carb intake. And I am way under on my protein intake. No wonder I feel like someone pulled my energy plug!

    The amount of calories I burn just by living and breathing is amazingly high. That’s one of the benefits of being large: I burn calories just by sitting around. Decreasing the calories I eat is going to have an effect quite quickly I can see. The math just plain works.

    But the amount of calories I burn walking is small. I’m not going to out-exercise my over-eating, that’s for sure!

    I am impressed by the amount of energy intake and calorie burn I can manipulate just by changing around a few things I eat. I went from a 500 calorie surplus yesterday to a 400 calorie deficit today and I don’t feel like I ate less at all.

    Let me tell you: soup is one of the most amazing things ever. You can have so many different flavours in soup. And you can make up a lot and put it in the fridge and warm it up in the microwave in 3 minutes. It’s the most amazing thing for someone who hates to cook.

    I’ve also decided to get back to walking everyday. I may not be doing 5K with hills like I used to, but walking with post-op Shmi isn’t getting me going. She is still recovering from her ACL surgery and sometimes she just doesn’t want to go more than 10 minutes, especially in the damp cold. And she’s a bull dog, so she wins any contest of stubbornness.

    So today I went out for a 15 minute walk (at about 3mph) by myself. I hope to increase this to 30 mins a day. Today, however, it was snowing and I was getting wet. So I came in.

    I meet with Roel for training on Friday this week because I missed Monday due to a problem with the trains on Sunday night. We were in Bruxelles at the dress rehearsal for Johnny’s opera, and the trains were rerouted on the way home and we didn’t get in until something like 4am. Doggies were shockingly well-behaved considering we were supposed to get home around 10pm. But I was too worn out to make my appointment with Roel on Monday morning. So we rescheduled for Friday. And I think he’s going to weigh and measure me this time. I shall report.

    I also have a set of exercises to do at home, but I haven’t motivated myself to do them yet. I will. But getting on the eating plan and walking everyday had to come first.

    One step at a time. And I’m finally steppin’ in the right direction!


    Yes you are, kicking the proverbial all the way. Glad to see this is working so well! Keep it up!


    So close... So close to being "settled".


    Way to bounce back! Hang in there girl, the diet/exercise changes take time getting used to but will pay off in big dividends. Using a phone app to log meals worked for me too! Increasing my protein (and fats) and lowering carbs has been huge in keeping the weight off, AND, the blues at bay. Glad to hear you're doing better this week, albeit not surprised. 良かったね。


    Thanks Anita. This app is amazingly helpful. I realise now what my weight loss problems were. And it's so easy to log things! I don't feel hungry or even cravey. I'm honestly finding it a little hard to eat enough sometimes. The exercise is a little harder, but slow and steady wins the race, right. がんばりましょう!


    Good for you! Making yourself healthier is never easy.