• So here we are.  A new blog.  A new post on a new blog.  

    You might be asking yourself why I need a new blog.  I mean, isn’t ReconstructingHistory.com enough?  Well, I’ve been doing a lot of things that are only peripherally related to Reconstructing History and I wanted to have a place to talk about them.

    2019 is going to be a big year.  We’ve moved ourselves and the business to the EU.  Part of what I’ll be talking about is learning to live in a different country, speak a new language, and get along with the neighbours.

    A rather large topic I’ll be writing about is how to start and run a successful business.  I’ve been doing this for 15 years and in that time, I’ve found that many bits of “conventional wisdom” simply are not true.  If I would have known then what I know now, I would have started a business at least ten years earlier than I did.  It was only conventional wisdom that was holding me back.  I want to share my experiences with you so that if you’re not starting your business because of some “conventional wisdom”, you’ll be able to follow my example and do it anyway.

    Then there’s my good ol’ chronic disease.  Those of you who have followed me on various social networks for sometime know I have ulcerative colitis.  I was diagnosed 13 years ago, just when I went full time with the business.  It was a challenge to say the least!  I’d like to share my experiences of of the past as well as my everyday challenges with you in the hopes that, if you live with a chronic disease, or if you suffer from depression or other situations that can act as roadblocks to your life, that you’ll share a fellow feeling with me and we can help each other live the lives we want to live and be conquerors, not sufferers.

    On that note, I am making a special effort this year to get in good physical shape.  With UC, it’s hard to be in shape because the disease robs your body of nutrition. One of the symptoms is chronic and often debilitating fatigue.  Last year, I put serious effort into a daily walking program that greatly increased my stamina.  That all fell apart in the autumn when I had to dedicate every hour of the day to moving my self, my spouse, my dogs, my cars, and all my worldly possessions to another country.  So I fell of the wagon more than a little.  Here in the Netherlands, there are tons of opportunities to walk (although no challenging hills) as well as bike.  And swim, which I haven’t done since we left the Caribbean.  I’ll be working with a personal trainer starting in January to get myself on track and mark my progress.  

    There will also be more fun stuff.  Follow me on my journey to write fiction and to get up on stage at local comedy clubs and perform stand up.  We’ll be learning to dance the European way (sorry American Smooth and American Rhythm!).  We’ll be tangoing with the Argentinians, Salsaing with the Cubanos, and Lindy Hopping with the cool cats in Eindhoven.

    Don’t fret.  There will still be marvelous costumes, random picnics wearing historic dress, and general retro-vintage-historishe life as usual.  Most of that will be posted on ReconstructingHistory.com.  But there will be some cross-over here because I am, after all, the same person.

    So I hope you will join me.  Subscribe to my email list: 

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    So please join me.  Subscribe.  Follow.  I’ll be tweeting too.  Possibly posting on Instagram.  Who knows!

    And please, please comment.  If only to say, “Thanks!” or “I’m here.”  It’s hard to keep writing if you don’t know if there’s an audience out there.

    Thanks.  Watch for the first post in the series next Tuesday morning.

    All the best,


    1. Yes! Don’t give up. Don’t give up. It’s only a failure if you stop trying. GO!…

    2. Thank you. This article was very inspiring. Today I as was grumbling about the lack of money, the lack…

    3. I feel this all the time. It’s held me back from a lot of opportunities that I regret not…


    I'm here!!!! Wishing you the best on your new adventures.


    First comment! Welcome, Shelley. And thanks for commenting.


    Thanks! I'm here! LOL! You keep writing and I'll keep reading. "M"


    Heya M! Thanks for commenting. I feel loved.


    I see you are in the air again. Good luck with all your new adventures and wish you good health for 2019. Thijs


    Thanks, Thijs! Getting things hooked up and practicing Dutch.


    Hi Kass! I've missed you! What an adventure, moving to another country. Can't wait to read about your adventures.


    Yay! Good to hear from you, Dianne. Welcome welcome!


    Congrats on the move and best of luck on this new jouney!


    Thank you Mares


    I would love to know if your UC improves under a european diet as it is rumored that wheat sensitivities aren’t as eggaterated over there. I’ve gone completely organic, while still abstaining from gluten, folic acid, and cirtic acid, for the last month and I am noticing an improvement. So I am curious.


    Well, I'm afraid I'm a bad example of diet-controlled anything. First, my UC symptoms never responded to diet at all. Second, I never really ate a typically American diet. I gave up processed food a decade ago, so I don't really eat things in boxes with ingredient lists anyway. Although I will tell you this. Back in the 90s, I had a horrible sensitivity to something in milk fat. I couldn't even use 2% milk in my coffee! But I went to Ireland for a summer and got cornered into eating full fat heavy cream. Didn't bother me at all. So there is something in American milk fat that makes me sick, not the milk fat itself. Undoubtedly European food is more highly regulated and they don't let in things like chlorine-soaked chicken and suspect shrimp. So I wouldn't be surprised if my nutrition is easier to maintain. I just don't think I am a good example of the American diet to begin with.