• When I lived on the island of St. Croix in the Caribbean, instead of saying, “I live on shore road” (which could be anywhere on the island), we spoke about places by Plantation name. There was Little Princess, and Estate Whim, and Mary’s Fancy, and Sion Farm. Other places were called things like Estate Love, Estate Profit, Estates Hope, Envy, Prosperity, and even Jealousy. There was Longford, and Munster, and Tipperary (guess where those owners came from!). We lived in Cotton Valley. But one name used to stick in my head all the time: Estate Work and Rest.

    This week, I told my trainer about the problems I’ve been having with lethargy. I’m eating right. I’m walking Shmi five times a week. I’m working out with him once a week and going to yoga other days. I’m getting eight hours of sleep. But I feel exhausted.

    “So when do you rest,” he said.

    “I work on a computer. I sit on my ass all day,” I explained.

    “Yeah, but you are working when you do that. When do you rest?” he pressed.

    The more I thought about it, the more I realised that I don’t.  

    Right now, it’s US tax season.  It’s a stressful time for everyone, but especially for small business owners whose accountants don’t quite understand what it is they do.  There are new tax laws that don’t allow us to operate as we did in the past.  And added to that is the complication that I now live in a time zone 5 hours ahead of my accountant.

    I admit it.  I just want to curl up in a little ball on the floor and cry.  Moving has been so stressful.  My whole world has revolved around this move since March of last year.  And now, just when the last bits of the relocation process are winding up and I feel like I’m finally settled, I have to hash up everything again.  Of course I have all my receipts and paperwork because I’m not an idiot.  But finding out that taxes are completely different this year and expenses I used to write off are no longer eligible is not something you want to hear when you’ve just paid the last of your relocation expenses and your savings account is lying barren and burnt dry.

    (Honestly, I thought the reason you hired an accountant was so that you wouldn’t have to worry about this shit yourself!  I console myself that at least this will be the last year for this.)

    So… yeah.  Maybe I need to give myself a day off.

    So today at 1:30pm my time (8:30am Eastern time), I get to call my accountant and straighten this shit out.  But until 1:30pm, I’m going to sit here and hate everything.

    After my phonecall, however, I am going to rest.  I’m going to log off the internet.  I’m going to turn off my phone.  I’m going to take Shmi for a walk.  I’m going to put the top down on my car and go for a drive in the sunshine.

    I’m going to rest!

    Next week, I’m going on retreat to take a Dutch language immersion class.  Sixty hours of Dutch language spread over five days.  It’s going to be brutal.  But I will be incommunicado for that entire time.


    Bless you,,my daughter in law has CUC and is in process of interviewing with medical schools. All day long,,,being on your guard,,having to be in ‘ best foot forward smart woman ‘ mode for 8 straight hours..etc etc. it IS. Brutal. Your point of true rest is well taken. Not only down time,,but true rest timeis essential for both mental and physical well being. I pray you find that place in your life and can put the crap aside . Best Wishes, Hopes and Dreams, Donna


    My sympathies to your daughter in law. Of course my UC started acting up an hour before I was supposed to get on the phone with the accountant yesterday. :/ Fortunately it settled down again before I had to make the call. And then the problem was easily solved, so that was terrific. Still, I took the rest of the day off because I felt like I'd run a marathon!


    Sound advice lady. I can use that too! Take care of yourself!


    It is the curse of the driven!


    Choosing for some self-care in stead of staying online is probably one of the hardest things to do when you're a business owner. Keep making that choice every day for a bit of me-time. The language class will be just the thing to get your mind off the taxes, and I'm sure your head will welcome all the new bits of knowlegde!


    No lie! It does not help my mental health at all to get messages from my accountant on a Saturday going, "Oh my God. You're going to owe $XX,XXX! Call me first thing Monday!" Yeah, I spent the weekend scared to death. Turned out to be nothing and it's all fixed now. But I really didn't need two days of terror when I couldn't call him back. He just had to scare me over the weekend. Couldn't have waited until Monday. No lie. I am locking myself in that Abbey next week and not even taking my phone!